Company ratings

The Corporate Monitor Ratings Report subscription provides subscribers with monthly updates of companies in the ASX300 according to:

  • the five-star Corporate Monitor Ratings, based on the companies’ Environmental, Social and Governance performance; and
  • screening criteria showing direct/indirect involvement in activities of concern to investors including exposure to gaming, alcohol, tobacco, defence, uranium and fossil fuels.

Company Ratings Sample

Best Bits – monthly media monitoring

Subscribers to the Corporate Monitor Best Bits newsletter receive monthly updates including:

  • changes in Corporate Monitor ratings; and
  • summaries of key ESG news stories, with a particular focus on the Corporate Monitor universe.

Stay up-to-date with ESG developments both for individual companies and for timely general issues. This service enables advisers to demonstrate to their clients a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of ESG issues and company news across the market.

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Company reports – details on individual companies

Corporate Monitor Company Reports summarise each company’s Environmental, Social and Governance performance, including its overall ratings, the individual ESG indicators that it meets, and recent ESG news stories involving the company.

  • Get a holistic picture of a company’s extra-financial details.
  • Compare a company’s public perception with the details of its policies, systems and performance.
  • Meet the particular needs of responsible investment-minded clients.

Sample Company Report

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