About Us

Corporate Monitor was formed in 1999 to play a key role in developing responsible investment (RI) in Australia by rating and monitoring the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and related activities of Australian companies and ESG funds in the Australian market.

In 2010 Corporate Monitor became part of the Australia research house CAER – Corporate Analysis. Enhanced Responsibility.

Corporate Monitor’s key strategies are to:

  • specialise in providing non-financial information about major Australian companies,
  • enable professional advice on RI and ESG analysis to become an accepted part of financial planning services and asset consulting, and to
  • provide a range of tools that help investors incorporate their values and ethics into their investment decisions.

Rating System

Corporate Monitor rates companies using a five star system to define the environmental, social and corporate governance performance. Click here for an explanation of our rating system. For information on our services click here.